Boredom Babble

Like a pen bursting open a pack of potato chips, the text-field asking me to name my blog pierced through my enthusiasm. That was no easy question. The blog name was going to stick. And a bad one would stick more. In your face kind of stick. And after spending hours coming up with a good name and cursing people who had blocked the few original, creative and never-heard-before names I came up with, I decided I didn’t really want to blog.

But I did. To make things easier (or tougher) I restricted myself to two words and an alliteration. Alliteration is good, right? People love it. And how. Another round of cursing fellow bloggers around the world.

Not the first time I started to begin to write. Often I find myself at a loss of words. Not because I have nothing to say, rather because I never know about what to talk. And then when I know what to talk about, I begin to wonder why. And when I know why, I don’t know how.

Conversations don’t come easy to me. I am not expressive, and not a sharing and caring sort of a person. I like to jokingly tag myself as anti-social. And so I know I won’t write much. Even though I’ll want to, I won’t. The only times I am going to actually get down to writing something here will be when I’m abundantly bored. Abundantly.

And so I finally have a name for the blog.

And a first post as well.